Tourist Visa

What is Tourist Visa?

A tourist visa is the most common type of travel permit. Passengers visiting another country often need a tourist visa to enter. Many countries issue different visas for different purposes and some issue visas exclusively for tourism. Others have visas that permit tourism as well as other activities.

Depending on the country, they may also be referred to as “travel visas”, “visitor visas”, or “temporary stay visas”. Tourist visas typically allow the holder to stay in the host country for a short period. This can range from several days to several months. During the stay, tourist visa holders are not allowed to work or engage in non-tourist activities.

How to Get a Tourist Visa

Many nations have now made it possible to apply for a tourist visa online. This is the quickest and most straightforward way to obtain one. Travelers simply fill in a form using a computer or mobile device and submit the required information and supporting documents in a digital format. This makes it possible to complete a tourist visa application from one’s own home, office, or anywhere else with an internet connection. Every country has its own visa policy. This outlines the rules for which foreign nationals must have a tourist visa to enter and the requirements for applying. In some cases, citizens of some countries may not be able to apply for a tourist visa online. In this situation, it is usually necessary to go to an embassy or consulate to apply in person.